Meet Badgerton

Your Persistent Assistant

Get things done with the proactive reminder app that works for you.
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What's your productivity challenge?

Troubled Memory

Always seem to forget countless little things in day-to-day life?

Focus Rollercoaster

Lose yourself in an activity for hours at the cost of everything else?

Time Blindness

Have trouble estimating how long things take, like it’s always NOW?

Stop kicking yourself -- just outsource your memory to Badgerton, your new personal assistant.

Task Overload

Lost in a sea of lists and notes that need constant reviewing?

Executive Fatigue

Wasting precious decision-making energy on scheduling everything?

Inefficient Tools

Productivity apps taking more time to use than they save?

Just like a personal assistant, Badgerton is here to take the load off your shoulders.

Forget exact dates and deadlines!


Have a call to make, some laundry to put away, or any other quick TASK?


Or a CHORE – something that’ll take a good part of the day to get done?


Maybe a sudden IDEA that you want to mull over and revisit later?

Let Badgerton help you remember in three easy steps.

Add a reminder

STEP 1: Add a reminder

Set a priority

STEP 2: Set a priority

Get notifications

STEP 3: Get notifications

Stop trying to schedule the unschedulable!

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